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Seattle, WA 98107
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Spring is here

The water level is rising due to the Corps of Engineers seasonal manipulations. It is critical that bow, stern and power lines be adjusted to accommodate the change. Tight lines can cause a host of problems, none of them good for either the boat or the dock.

We ask that you use our hazardous waste materials facility at E dock. There are tanks for used oil, antifreeze and bilge water and containers for both small and large batteries - and just left of the men's room is an access door for emptying portable toilets. We have a pump-out service that comes weekly and will service your vessel or port-a-potty for $25 which we will add to your monthly invoice. To activate this call 784-1000. Stimson Marina is a certified 5-star Envirostars/Clean Marina business, the first covered, fresh-water facility to be so honored in the state. We are committed to keeping the waters of Salmon Bay and Puget Sound clean and ask your help to make that a reality.

Please separate recyclables from garbage and put them in the appropriate dumpster. There are compost totes at the A, B, C, D, E, F and H dock entrances for food waste, paper coffee cups and pizza boxes. Food waste must be in biodegradable bags which are readily available in grocery stores.There are fines for recyclables in the garbage dumpster so we ask for and appreciate your cooperation in this.


updated 11/18/2016